I just held up the kitten, put my face close to his and yelled, “Do you understand physics, little cat? Do you?”

QuestionYour hair looks amazing!!!! Answer

Thankyou :D

I’m really liking it so far and the shaved bits are so fuzzy


dear teen wolf, 

your characters don’t need love interests. they need therapy. 



I’m quite liking how this look turned out

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QuestionThe ghost of you Granddad's babysitter climbs through your bedroom window one night and turns you cookie supply into jelly. How do you respond when you discover that her presence renders your squidgun useless? Answer

I take a step up and pull out my octopus gun. Despite being incorporeal, she’s still going to be scrubbing off the ink a week later.

I have several questions: 

  • How did she turn the cookies into jelly? Is she magic?
  • I don’t have any cookies at the moment. Does this mean that she didn’t do anything?
  • If she didn’t do anything then why do I want to shoot her?
  • Is my squidgun a gun that shoots squids, or a a squid that I use as a gun to shoot ink?
  • My bedroom is on the third floor. How did she get to my bedroom window? Is she one of those ghosts that can fly?

halloweenpenguins replied to your post: New haircut yay

I wanna touch it

Dude, it’s so fuzzy. Come hang out with me and you can touch my hair

New haircut yay




you know how a period is supposed to last 3-7 days

who is that asshole that only has to suffer 3 days

How freaking long are your classes? The longest period I had was 50 minutes.

Should we tell him?

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i dont care if text posts are fake, let me believe the world is funny and creative and parents are weird and teachers are fun and coincidences always line up with the joke. it gives me hope.

Little cat is too sleepy to protest to being held like this



The Adventures of Batman and Bear-Robin!
In Gif form! :P



So this happened to a girl at my school



me too girl me too

me too girl me too


me too girl me too





These parents lip-sync perfectly to “Love is an Open Door” from Frozen. [x]

the relationship we all want

These people are morning people… You just know it. 

there daughter though in the background… she’s not even phased so you know it’s not the first time they’ve done something like this

The guys facial expression are the greatest thing i’ve ever seen.